Crowdsale in progress








Status: running

Soft cap:
  • 93%
Total amount raised: 3177.57 ETH


Current rate:
1 ETH = 1875 MAG
1 BTC = 24754 MAG


Next rate:
1 ETH = 1800 MAG
1 BTC = 23764 MAG



What is the minimal and maximum investment goal of the sale?

The minimum investment goal is 3,400 ETH. If this is not achieved by the end of the sale all the investments will be refunded. The maximum goal is 22,640 ETH.

Do I need an Ethereum address to participate in token sale?

Yes, you must have an Ethereum address to receive and store your MAG tokens. You can use any Ethereum wallet with access to the wallet private keys, such as Parity, Mist, Ethereum Wallet, Metamask.

When and where will i receive my tokens?

After the sale concludes, the tokens will be issued to the ETH address you provided during the sale. The issuance of tokens will take no longer than 3 days.

When will MAG tokens become tradable?

MAG tokens will be tradable after conclusion of the sale. We will be communicating with cryptocurrency exchanges regarding the trade of MAG tokens.

To reveal the deposit address,

choose currency:

1. Date and cap

The MAGOS Token Sale will begin on August 16th, 20:00 UTC. The sale will close when the cap of 22640 ETH is reached, or on September 30th, 20:00 UTC, whichever is sooner.

2. Max supply and distribution

A maximum of 50,123,377 MAG will be created. 77% (38,595,000 MAG) will be distributed to the investors during the sale.

No token creation, minting or mining will be available after the sale.

3. Currency and address

Accepted currencies are Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

The only official source for contribution addresses is MAGOS website.

For security reasons, we advise you to ignore the addresses from any other sources, including social medial channels.

4. Price

The price of MAG token is initially set to 1995 MAG per ETH, and will be declining to a final rate of 1500 MAG per ETH, based on currently contributed ETH amount:

< 3000 ETH  1995 MAG/ETH
3000-6000 ETH  1875 MAG/ETH
6000-9000 ETH  1800 MAG/ETH
9000-12000 ETH  1725 MAG/ETH
12000-15000 ETH  1650 MAG/ETH
15000-22640 ETH  1500 MAG/ETH

5. Vesting

Team members and advisors will have 18 months vesting with 6 months cliff. This means we will mature 33% of our tokens each 6 months.

Foundation and reserve will have 12 months vesting with 4 months cliff.

Partners and early backers will have 4 months vesting with 1 month cliff.