What is a Neural Network?

A Neural Network can be described as a software simulation of a biological brain, with a purpose to learn to recognize patterns in big data. Once the network has been trained on data samples, it can make predictions by detecting similar patterns in future data. Because of it’s ability to learn, Neural Network can be called true Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

What is MAGOS?

MAGOS is a complex forecasting model based on a system of five Neural Networks. Each network has its own purpose and their powers combined allows to predict outcomes of events with high accuracy, outperforming the crowd. The backbone of MAGOS is modular architecture that supports upgrades and development of the new features.

What are the results?

The open test of MAGOS started on February, 2017 and lasted 4 months. A third-party site with the open tracking of stats was used. The forecasting of e-sports – one of the largest growing betting markets – was chosen as a testing method.

The results have shown that MAGOS is able to hold a significant edge over the competition, gaining net positive returns after each month of testing, with the overall ROI (Return on Investment) of 28%.