10 Of The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets To Use In 2019

Choosing the right cryptocurrency is important as this reflects in your security and convenience of hardware and software. We live in a world where everything can be done in touch of a finger and upgrading with the world is important. A crypto wallet can act as a web wallet which can be used to hold a complete copy of the blockchain for easy access to cryptocurrency. If you are wondering what are the best crypto wallets? There are 10 in this article

Hot wallets: These wallets are accessed by keys and are created to store with some access to the internet. A hot wallet is one of the least secure type more popular as it is convenient.

Cold wallets: Cold wallets use keys on a device that has no access to the internet. A cold wallet is hardware wallets which is carried on a smart card device and is made of a series of words and the password needs to be memorized.

Hosted wallets: A hosting wallet creates a very attractive target than your device which holds the crypto wallet as it has more number of wallets on the server.

Decentralized wallets: A decentralized wallet holds the key to a crypto wallet where you can send or receive cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world.

Best crypto wallet for mobiles and computers


Exodus supports multiple currencies with a private key which can have total control over the crypto wallet. It also ensures privacy over who you want to send or receive money from.

Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx is a single code base wallet which performs new features all at the same time with privacy which is centralized. You can take control of the keys and you can also exchange the features to ensure the re-balance of your portfolio



Electrum is an open-source entry wallet which is continuously developing, you can hold currency, but it needs to be bitcoin. It is a good fit for the wallet as business who share financial interest opt for it and no exchanges are integrated.

Ariston timepieces

A little piece of luxury, where you can store your bitcoin, it has a private key combo which is both practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Ledger  Nano

Ledger has a two-factor authentication where it supports multiple currencies and can be easily accessible using USB compatibility.

Trezor one

Trezor has an easy to use interface where you require a pin to operate; it is accessible to windows, mac, Linux and offer more than 500 coins to trade.



Keepkey does not have an operating system which makes the device malware proof as it is impossible to infect if the device doe snot has an operating system.

Trezor Model T

Although a little expensive, you can secure your digital assets which have a touchscreen interface and has an availability of 500 coins.


Infinito can hold up a lot of cryptocurrencies which supports access to leading smart contract tokens where you can easily access private keys to enhance security.


One of the most popular wallet when it comes to mobile is Citowise. Due to its centralized validation, it provides high-security supports where you can use your private keys.

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