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Our vision is to combine highly accurate forecasting ability of Neural Networks with blockchain technology. MAGOS fund, managed by AI and supervised by our team, will be deployed on the Ethereum platform. Initially operating on prediction markets and sportsbooks, it will evolve and expand into other fields, such as Digital Asset Management, where the forecasts of MAGOS will be applicable and valuable.

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The Five Stages Of Crypto Technology Development

The Five Stages Of Crypto Technology Development

The cryptocurrency market is very cynical in nature and it is difficult yo predict the movement using a technical pattern or analysis. This takes more of a qualitative approach which moves with the development in blockchain and ledger technology. Generally, there are five stages of crypto technology development, which will be discussed in the following article.


There is a ton of confusion when a person first finds out about cryptocurrency for the first time. This is the phase where the beginner is so overwhelmed with information that it becomes to difficult to move forward. For those who want to invest in crypto, they tend to stick around and expect to get exponential returns on the investment.



Now that the individual has earned some coins, they begin to invest. They start to learn about blockchain and mining. They also try to understand the technical edge of the process and try to understand the jargons. They start getting their family and friends into the crypto world and try to explain. This is where they start understanding the coins and start discovering new things to help in the journey


Everyone is trying blockchains to earn something, but using the ledger can cut out the process of having a middleman. If you are a beginner and do not understand the process, you should explore the system and try to solve the problems. The general problem, when it comes to crypto, is scalability and interoperability.


This is a stage where many developers are not concerned about price fluctuations as they have learned other ways to ensure that the coins give them more returns. This is one for the longest working stage, where it takes a lot of time to understand the crypto world on a deeper level. This is the time when the individual accepts that cryptocurrency is still a work in progress. This is the phase the individual becomes much more excited about the occasional surges to ensure that he score maximum out of these surges.


To reach a breakthrough, it generally takes months as this is the time where they realize that the crypto world is not all that bad. They are happy about the new discovery and want to learn more and educate others about the same. The whole process repeats itself again, where the individual learns about something exciting and want to tell everyone, which leads to discovery.


Although, the currency in crypto is decentralized, there are still appreciated due to their interoperability. This can give coins but also reduce price vitality to have a significant impact on the market. While looking at the crypto market and its development, there are always ups and downs and they are still growing.

10 Of The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets To Use In 2019

10 Of The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets To Use In 2019

Choosing the right cryptocurrency is important as this reflects in your security and convenience of hardware and software. We live in a world where everything can be done in touch of a finger and upgrading with the world is important. A crypto wallet can act as a web wallet which can be used to hold a complete copy of the blockchain for easy access to cryptocurrency. If you are wondering what are the best crypto wallets? There are 10 in this article

Hot wallets: These wallets are accessed by keys and are created to store with some access to the internet. A hot wallet is one of the least secure type more popular as it is convenient.

Cold wallets: Cold wallets use keys on a device that has no access to the internet. A cold wallet is hardware wallets which is carried on a smart card device and is made of a series of words and the password needs to be memorized.

Hosted wallets: A hosting wallet creates a very attractive target than your device which holds the crypto wallet as it has more number of wallets on the server.

Decentralized wallets: A decentralized wallet holds the key to a crypto wallet where you can send or receive cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world.

Best crypto wallet for mobiles and computers


Exodus supports multiple currencies with a private key which can have total control over the crypto wallet. It also ensures privacy over who you want to send or receive money from.

Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx is a single code base wallet which performs new features all at the same time with privacy which is centralized. You can take control of the keys and you can also exchange the features to ensure the re-balance of your portfolio



Electrum is an open-source entry wallet which is continuously developing, you can hold currency, but it needs to be bitcoin. It is a good fit for the wallet as business who share financial interest opt for it and no exchanges are integrated.

Ariston timepieces

A little piece of luxury, where you can store your bitcoin, it has a private key combo which is both practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Ledger  Nano

Ledger has a two-factor authentication where it supports multiple currencies and can be easily accessible using USB compatibility.

Trezor one

Trezor has an easy to use interface where you require a pin to operate; it is accessible to windows, mac, Linux and offer more than 500 coins to trade.



Keepkey does not have an operating system which makes the device malware proof as it is impossible to infect if the device doe snot has an operating system.

Trezor Model T

Although a little expensive, you can secure your digital assets which have a touchscreen interface and has an availability of 500 coins.


Infinito can hold up a lot of cryptocurrencies which supports access to leading smart contract tokens where you can easily access private keys to enhance security.


One of the most popular wallet when it comes to mobile is Citowise. Due to its centralized validation, it provides high-security supports where you can use your private keys.

How Ai Automation Can Help Crypto Investors Trade Better

How Ai Automation Can Help Crypto Investors Trade Better

Every day hundreds of cryptocurrency are created and investors offer initial coins offering. Despite the rise in the popularity of the crypto world, there is a lot of technical difficulties. People who invest in cryptocurrency are not well informed about the understanding of investment vehicles. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile and can people who enter into market see a boom but might also drop. It is hard for traders to ignore the fact that cryptocurrency is still a decentralized market — this negative information which leads to a beginner being hesitant to join this world. Fortunately, there are some tools which can help you understand and experience with crypto market.

Lowering barriers to prediction

barriers to prediction

The AI can take data and provide you the price of an asset and all the changes that took place and use mathematical tools to produce predictions for any future assets. An AI analyzes and uses the data to provide information about resources to help investment. There is still development happening in the area where people are still analyzing behavioral patterns to produce valid and big data.

Monetizable insights

Signals aim at establishing a comprehensive ecosystem which enables the trader to make an informed decision by selling indicators to traders to ensure profits. The platform has to be developed to have high levels of technical expertise with extensive programming knowledge. This platform uses AI to make trading models make it easier to use the data. Which can help make market predictions a much easier job.

Interoperability and Automation

There are various tools to help in the process making informed trading decisions which could help inoperability among blockchain platforms and automation. They also promote inoperability, which uses a centralized approach limiting trading tokens. Blockchains are interconnected and allow to create apps which can automatically monitor and update to ensure the market is right. Wider inoperability which could benefit the space as data scientist have build indicators to ensure the program interface leads to interesting mashups and functionality. this helps traders create more informed strategies which with the help of automation and cross-chain can help minimize the impact of volatile traders

trading strategies

Better insights and trading strategies

Transactional data are also currently limited to the blockchain as it analyses insights and records the trading and behavioral pattern for the cryptocurrency. Data chains can reflect how they relate to widespread finances while having the potential to do more complex patterns and yield much richer insights. In real-world, the adoption of cryptocurrency for day to day transaction will be limited as the trading tokens are limited to help them operate much better in the crypto world.

How Blockchain Technology Works?

How Blockchain Technology Works?

Blockchain is generally heard in the context of cryptocurrency where it is used to store information which is impossible to forge. There is a mathematical function called hash where strings of numbers and letters were produced which later converts into a variable number and characters.


Nodes are a copy of digital ledger which checks the validity of each transaction, which can be written and stored. This ensures that the computer creates an original hash and no changes occur after.


Every node has a copy of blockchains which is regularly updating itself and once update to ledger, it cannot be changed. Once a block reaches an approved number of transaction, a new block is formed. There is no human involved, which means there is no chances of errors as a central computer instruct the other computers to do the same.


The process

A blockchain generates a dairy of information about transactions which creates a hash.

The transaction in the order is hash and after the transaction new hash is created.

the notes check the transaction which then checked and written into the blocks

Blocks create blockchain and is spread over other computers

Wallets, digital structure and protocols

A wallet is a string of number which has various blocks that contains transaction. There is no visible records of the transaction, but the wallet contains numbers, which is an address also known as a public key to your transaction.

Digital signatures

A wallet and a private key is necessary to carry out the transaction. The private key is a string of random number which addresses the privacy when someone decides to share his coins which the individual can sign and send the transaction with the private key.

What are cryptographic keys?

A number of strings and letters which are generated by keygens, which typically involves advanced mathematics to create is a cryptographic key.

cryptographic keys


The blockchain protocol ensures that the networks run better while maintaining autonomy. The input information has a hash number which can be rewarded successfully by decreasing it by half, which keeps everything maintained.

Proof of work

By placing a transaction, one can successfully conclude a proof which is carried out by nodes. Proof of work is a system which requires processing time by a computer. By using a random process one can generate a low probability of producing errors and can validate proof of work.

What is mining?

Miners on a blockchain produce proof of work which is then approved by an electronic device to reward the nodes. The rewards are like incentives for the miners to keep their hardware running, which can be used as a transaction fee. Even the fee is voluntary a part of sender miner will prioritize transfer with higher transactions.

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